One of the biggest problems confronting the blind community is a general lack of awareness of what blind persons can do. This is a major problem for us in the blind community because we are denied jobs and promotions; embarrassed and humiliated; and often treated like children.

How many of us as blind persons have been pressured to accept wheelchair service at the airport even after we have made it very clear that we prefer to walk. How many times have the clerk behind the counter totally ignored us and choose to ask someone they perceive to be an assistant for our essential business details including our own name.
What makes this so ridiculous is that there are times when the person they perceive as the assistant is just a perfect stranger who you just met that guided you to the counter and knows absolutely nothing about you; or a blind friend who is along for the ride but looks more sighted than you do. I can go on and on…

One of the major reasons for this is because the sighted public seems to believe that blind people are simply not capable of handling their own affairs. There is a serious lack of awareness of what we can do as blind folks.

Climb Mount Everest? Many sighted folks cannot even conceive a blind person climbing one flight of stairs.

Check out our blindness awareness fliers below and be enlightened.

The Torres Foundation is embarking on a campaign to stamp out ignorance about blindness. Please join us in the effort.

You can help by downloading and distributing our blindness awareness flier below.

Distribution can take many forms. You can:

• Print and distribute in your neighborhood
• Email
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