The W. R. Torres Foundation for the Blind has lost our loyal and generous patron and one of the most accomplished and distinguished founding fathers of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. President Sir Ellis Clarke never said no to any of our requests for legal advice; funding support; and personal insights on issues confronting the Foundation. In December 2000, it was Sir Ellis who cut the ribbon to launch the Foundationís Blind Independence through Technology program that was responsible for significantly opening up the world of computer technology for the blind in T&T. As a direct result the blind in this country are among the most computer literate and technology savvy in the Caribbean.

In 2000, when Torres Foundation was just a fledgling no-name organization with 0 funding, BUT LOTS OF NEW IDEAS, ENERGY and daring; Sir Ellis did not hesitate to sign on as our patron and lend his voice to our humble cause. As many in the blind community can testify, Sir Ellis was a frequent keynote speaker at our graduation, conference, and gala events, imparting his nuggets of wisdom and insights with eloquence and humor that was his trademark. At those occasions He always mixed freely with our guests, speaking one-on-one and was always agreeable to handing out awards and certificates.

In 2009 the Foundation approached Sir Ellis to assist us with fundraising for the Camp Can Do science and technology summer youth Program for blind youth of the Caribbean. The program was new and untested. However, he immediately signed on to help and eventually made a personal donation of $16,000.00. His individual financial contribution surpassed all our government and corporate donors for the Camp that year. I can go on and on.

President Sir Ellis Clarke was greatness, wisdom, and humility personified. He was our George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin for Trinidad and Tobago.

I salute you my fallen leader. You will always be in the hearts and minds of the blind community in this country.

We pledge to continue to exemplify your generosity, kindness, and goodness as your legacy here at Torres Foundation.